Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mad For Plaid

1. Pretty In Plaid Handbag by Betsey Johnson, $98;, 2. Plaid Petals Skirt, $148;, 3. Ascona Shoes by Harajuku Lovers, $115;, 4. Color Wheel Shirt by BB Dakota, $55;

For twelve years of my life I was chained to plaid. Day in and day out I had to adhere to a strict uniform that consisted of a plaid skirt, a white button-down, a tie, and a blazer... yes, a blazer. We weren't allowed to wear nail polish, dye our hair 'unnatural' colors, or wear more than one ring per hand. So one would assume that I would be completely adverse to the reemergence of plaid as a fashion must have. Oddly, I'm not. There's something intrinsically unsexy about a boring tartan, but the plaids that have been popping up in collections in the past few years are anything but boring. There are many elements that may have brought plaid back. Perhaps it's the naughty school girl cliché, or the laid-back appeal of grunge? Or maybe we all just want to be as comfortable as the Brawny man? Either way, get ready for fall with one of these fabulous finds.

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