Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Bunch Of Phonies

1. Joan of Arctic boots by Sorel, $130;, 2. Fox Faux Fur Jacket, $170;, 3. Faux-fur Trapper Hat, $16.50;, 4. Charmer Leather Jacket by Guess by Marciano, $258;

Whether you love fur or hate it, we can all admit that it never goes out of style. From the Hollywood starlets of the silver screen, to the editors of our favorite fashion mags, fur is unwaveringly chic. Fortunately for us animal lovers, faux fur has seen a major revival in the last decade. Instead of finding scraggly looking duds that look cheaper than a Chinatown bus ride, the fake stuff is looking more fabulous than ever.

I never hid my dismay when my mother would dredge out her furs from the basement closet once Montréal winters hit hard. Even so, those furs were family heirlooms, and justifiable considering Canada's brutal winters. What's always bothered me is seeing women in Los Angeles parading around in pelts like their lives depended on it. Thankfully some designers have found the perfect solution with faux fur, and have treated their designs with exceptional care. There's nothing like being warm and toasty on a blustering New York day, so here are my pics of some of the best looking synthetics around. People who say they can't "pull it off" take heed: all you need is a little confidence and you'll be feeling like Marilyn in no time.

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