Friday, October 30, 2009

For The Love of Food: Halloween Edition

When you’re a kid, the best part about Halloween is the candy. As much as a costume can bring joy and excitement, the candy amassed over the course of a night becomes sacred like pirate booty. We fiercely protect our treasure against those who linger too closely, knowing all to well that some items are valued more than others. Personally chocolate bars ranked in as number one, followed closely by caramels, mini bags of chips, and random wrapped taffy goodies. Now that I’m older the thought of eating a whole bag of candy is slightly nauseating, but deep inside the inner child in me still screams with delight every time I see a jumbo bag of Halloween candy. The best part about 'trick or treating' in Canada is our unique candies, and salty snacks. Every Halloween no matter how far from home I am, I think about those chaotic nights - sweating through layers of make up, maneuvering my way to a stranger's door front, and lastly dumping my bag of candy on the basement coffee table, and going to town. Ketchup chips, Coffee Crisps, Aero Bars, Caramilks, Smarties!!! Thankfully I discovered the Lower East Side's candy haven (aka Economy Candy), but if you’re not in NYC and have a hankering for some Northern treats, Canadian Favourites can definitely satiate all your desires. Happy Halloween!

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