Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have You Heard?

CMJ was in full effect last week in New York City, and I was so close to avoiding it! But alas, when I got the invite to the Fader Fort, I couldn't pass it up. My boy Theophilus London was performing with his new super group Chauffeur, featuring the boyishly handsome Mark Ronson, and magical producer Sam Sparro. Like almost every Fader CMJ event I've attended, the crowd was pumped, the music was hot, and the venue was... for lack of a better word, a complete hellhole. This time around, it was held in the basement of the newly crowned king of hipsterdom, the Ace Hotel. The hotel is fabulous albeit in a strange location, but the problem here was that the event was held in the basement, and their AC was busted. So picture a literal hot box of sweating drunk bodies, accompanied by loud music and disturbingly bright lights. Standing in that room for 4 hours was my work out for the day - I was drenched. After all that, Chauffeur's set was only two songs. Yes, just two. This was probably due to the fact that they've only been together as a group for a month. Overall it was quite an experience, topped off with a nice pot of tea in the hotel lounge post-sweat. I could say I've learned my lesson, but next year if the line up is enticing you know I'll be there, sweating profusely and cursing my own stupidity. Check out Theophilus' latest single (produced by Machine Drum) below, and make sure to listen to Chauffeur's single here.

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