Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Return of Red

So it's been a long long time, and for a while it seemed like .Big Hair, Small Hips. might have come to an end. But I think what I really needed was a long breather. Before my hiatus I had been blogging almost everyday for over a year. It didn't feel like I was out of ideas per se, but more like my ideas needed to fester in my mind for a few months before finally being unleashed. So I think their good and ready now.

In mid-October I had the pleasure of visiting London for the fifth time, but instead of roaming the streets like a clueless tourist I got an insider's look into the Big Smoke. My host was none other than ex-Tracer Phoebe Lovatt, a born and bred Londoner and in many ways a long lost sister. With her superpowers at my disposal my tour of London was unlike any of my previous visits. I saw the real London: a community of vibrant, creative, impassioned individuals from every background imaginable. I realized that New York City really is a city of foreigners, a city where everyone is clawing their way to the top. Londoners are just as ambitious as New Yorkers, but have a different connection to the city since it's more often than not their hometown. All that to say as an antsy New Yorker, walking the streets of London felt like a traipse through Candyland. Not one person exuded that anxious, go-go-go undercurrent that is felt in New York. It was as if I had stepped into a parallel dimension where impatience had been replaced with spirited understanding. And I liked it, a lot.

Now with that inspiration in mind, it's time to get my creative juices flowing once again.