Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Return of Red

So it's been a long long time, and for a while it seemed like .Big Hair, Small Hips. might have come to an end. But I think what I really needed was a long breather. Before my hiatus I had been blogging almost everyday for over a year. It didn't feel like I was out of ideas per se, but more like my ideas needed to fester in my mind for a few months before finally being unleashed. So I think their good and ready now.

In mid-October I had the pleasure of visiting London for the fifth time, but instead of roaming the streets like a clueless tourist I got an insider's look into the Big Smoke. My host was none other than ex-Tracer Phoebe Lovatt, a born and bred Londoner and in many ways a long lost sister. With her superpowers at my disposal my tour of London was unlike any of my previous visits. I saw the real London: a community of vibrant, creative, impassioned individuals from every background imaginable. I realized that New York City really is a city of foreigners, a city where everyone is clawing their way to the top. Londoners are just as ambitious as New Yorkers, but have a different connection to the city since it's more often than not their hometown. All that to say as an antsy New Yorker, walking the streets of London felt like a traipse through Candyland. Not one person exuded that anxious, go-go-go undercurrent that is felt in New York. It was as if I had stepped into a parallel dimension where impatience had been replaced with spirited understanding. And I liked it, a lot.

Now with that inspiration in mind, it's time to get my creative juices flowing once again.


  1. Yay, for spirited understanding!

  2. 40 % of NYC's residents are foreign born while 30% of Londoners are foreign born, as of the last censuses.

    You probably experienced the two city's differently cuz you were hanging with a native Londoner while there for a week so of course you met a lot of Londoners.

    57% of Londoners are native Londoners while only 50% of NYers are natives of NYC.

    If you are an alien living in NYC, which you seem to be, you are prob just used to hangin with other aliens/midwesterner 20-somethings, right?

    Most actual Nyers have had their friend's for life and have very little need to get involved in the transplant scene filled with lots of folks like you who will just move on in afew yrs anyway. Makes sense, right?

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