Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get Your Motor Runnin'

There's nothing like the sight of a beautiful woman behind the wheel of a classic car. Unlike most of the population, I've never had a driver's license, let alone a permit. I've spent the majority of my life being "chauffeured around" by willing friends and family, but that doesn't mean I haven't entertained the idea of hopping into a sweet convertible, and burning rubber. Sure, my decision would most likely end in my demise, but if I looked as good as this Tamara de Lempicka painting, the inescapable crash would totally be worth it. This painting, entitled "Auto-Portrait (Tamara in the Green Bugatti)" was created for the cover of German fashion magazine Die Dame in 1929. De Lempicka was truly the first "woman artist to be a glamour star," and her beautiful Art Deco paintings depict many different types of autonomous women. From "The Musician" to "Saint Moritz," her work was always provocative and full of mystery. You can't help but wonder what thoughts lie behind those eyes...

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