Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dude, Hawaii Is Totally Sweet!

I'm lucky to say that I've been able to travel to many places throughout the world, thanks to the kindness of friends and family. Even so, the most satisfying vacation I've ever experienced took place within the United States. Hawaii is by far the most scenic, accessible, and invigorating place I've ever visited. Maui's biodiversity is incomprehensible - in a few hours you can travel from arid desert, to lush jungle, to frigid mountaintop. It's no wonder that Americans have been seeking adventure, and love in this real life paradise for decades. My interest in Hawaii was first stirred by Elvis' idealistic romper films, but I have to admit that that interest flew into overdrive once I became addicted to LOST. Hawaii truly is the perfect backdrop for the show, with its awe inspiring views, and untapped mysteries. Every time I set out on a hike while in Maui I couldn't help but whistle "The Good Shepherd" from Season 3, and this week I found the perfect fix to satiate me until LOST is back in January: Jorge Garcia's blog! Yes, Hurley from LOST has a blog, and it's called "Dispatches From The Island." It makes me love him even more. He writes about everything from going to the Emmys, to his latest Halloween costume. Jorge is just as lovable as Hurley; he even posts an address on his blog so fans can send him letters. I wonder if a couple of cases of Apollo bars would sweeten him up enough to spill some secrets from Season 6...

Photographs copyright Laura E. Marcus

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