Monday, October 26, 2009

Anyone Up For A Milksteak?

When the weather turns, and the temperature starts to drop in NYC, the inevitable happens: I become obsessed with certain films, records, and television shows, and nurture my obsessions in the comfort of my home. The latest show to entrap me is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Although I had seen a few episodes two years ago, it was only with my recent conversion to DVR that I finally started watching Sunny on a regular basis - and now I'm completely addicted. The characters are utterly despicable, horrible, unsymapthetic people, with nauseating habits and disturbing behaviors - they make Larry David look like a saint. But it's their complete lack of social tact and morals, that make them so entertaining to watch; having the legendary Danny DeVito as part of the gang doesn't hurt either. I just bought season 1 & 2 so I'm excited to bunker down, and see how it all began. The video below captures the creation of one of the best rock opera incarnations of all time. I guarantee it'll get stuck in your head, but hey, then you'll be just like me singing it in the shower, on the street, and anytime I want to make myself LOL.

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