Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Video Vault

Fall is finally in the air. With its arrival comes the return of playlists, which include a heavy dose of The Smiths. Thanks to a mix tape given to me at the age of 15, I discovered the upbeat melodies and crooning vocals of the legendary Morrissey. I've been a devoted fan ever since, and often find myself exalting them in the strangest of places. If I hear one of their tracks, I'll undoubtedly be singing along because I just can't help myself. Others who share this passion know what I'm talking about - Morrissey's voice is like a drug, and we're addicted to it. Formed in 1982, The Smiths had a short-lived yet fruitful career, and Morrissey later emerged as a solo artist. At 50, he's still performing around the world, and he continues to draw upon what made The Smiths so popular. The music's been described as "dramatic...bleak, funny vignettes about doomed relationships, lonely nightclubs, the burden of the past and the prison of the home..." Isn't that the perfect soundtrack to a crisp fall day? I know Morrissey's many doppelgängers would agree:

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