Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Full & Fabulous

Plus size model Crystal Renn is gorgeous at any size, but her story differs from most models in the fashion industry. It wasn't her jutting collar bones, or her gaunt stature that garnered attention, but rather the reemergence of her natural size. After battling an eating disorder, and reclaiming her curvacious body, fame came calling. She recounts that arduous journey in her new book Hunger, released yesterday by Simon & Schuster. The Mississippi native was told to shed 70 pounds in order to reach her model potential, and she did just that by starving herself. Even after the dramatic weight loss, Renn was told she was still not thin enough. Faced with that horrible realization, Renn decided enough was enough. She underwent a complete mind/body makeover, and emerged as the fierce full figured vixen shown above. Featured on the covers of French, Italian and American Vogue, Renn feels like she's finally made it, and she did it all with the body God gave her. It's inspiring to see such a healthy figure being praised by the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, a longstanding member of the fashion elite. Fashion has seen many trends come and go, but it has rarely embraced reality with such fervor. Momentum seems to be growing with Glamour magazine's latest nude icon, Christina Hendricks' bodacious curves, and now the gorgeous Crystal Renn showing us all that reality can be a beautiful thing. Amen to that.

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