Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Up All Night

When times are tough we turn to fantasy. Vampires, werewolves, zombies - anything to distract us from the misery of reality. Getting chomped by a Viking vampire is way better than catching up on stock market trends... am I right?! The answer is a resounding 'Yes'. This isn't the first time pop culture has been fascinated by the undead. Like fashion and music, pop culture is cyclical and we've once again found ourselves in a dark corner. With the recent arrival of even more vampire fodder (BBC's Being Human, CW's Vampire Diaries), this bloodsucking trend is seeing new heights of saturation. But I'm not complaining, I just want to school some of the young ones. Flashback to 1979, when Academy Award nominated German director Werner Herzog (Aguirre: Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo, Rescue Dawn) reconceptualized the famous 1922 film Nosferatu, for modern audiences. Starring one of Herzog's muses, the bone-chilling Klaus Kinski, Nosferatu The Vampyre still ranks amongst the best vampire films of all time. Herzog's films are dark journeys layered with uneasiness, and this version of Nosferatu blends his style and popular Vampire mythology perfectly. Protect your necks:

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