Thursday, September 3, 2009

Déjà Vu: Joy Division

We often pay homage to our idols by imitating them, and what better example of this than the ever present "cover song". We've seen Nirvana do Bowie, and Clapton do Marley, and every rendition brings something new and exciting to the original. So in that spirit comes another new feature, Déjà Vu, in which old tunes get a brand new face lift. Up first are Manchester's finest visionaries, Joy Division. Their single 'Transmission' made quite a splash when it was released in November of 1979, and it still hooks new fans to this day.

Now for its surprising cover... Who would have thought that a steel drum band could capture the emotion and brilliance of a musician as troubled as Joy Division's Ian Curtis. Be awed and inspired by this performance, an ode to Manchester and all the music that has flowed from those tough-as-nails Mancunians.

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  1. Love this!!!! Of course, steel drums make anything good.