Thursday, September 24, 2009

Déjà Vu: Madonna

Although the Material Girl of yore is long gone, we still have the memory of her killer fashion sense, unapologetic attitude, and sarcasm to keep us going. Desperately Seeking Susan was one of those light-hearted films that sparked many things within me: an acknowledgment of the importance of personal style, a distaste for crappy hot tubs, and most importantly a desire to make out with Aidan Quinn. Keep in mind, the film came out in 1985 when I was a wee toddler, so I saw the film for the first time in high school. Just like every other teenage girl, I wanted to be Madonna. I still dream about the Santo Loquasto designed pyramid jacket featured in the film.

Madonna continues to be an inspiration to this day, but for me and many others, her best work was released when she was still rough around the edges, and willing to go out on a limb with both her look and her sound. She's inspired so many musicians, and many of her songs have become anthems. It's interesting to hear how artists from different genres interpret her classics, and the following rendition of 'Borderline' is a beautiful overhaul of the song (featuring Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips). So once you're done dancing to the original, take off your shoes, get into your sukhasana pose, and let the sounds sink in.

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