Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Big Break

When I moved to New York City over three years ago, I was just a lowly intern trying to make my mark. I wanted to write about the things I loved, sharing my enthusiasm for the people, places and things that made me happy. As an intern, making contact with interview subjects can be an insurmountable task - everyone gives you the runaround if you're not a recognizable journalist... well, almost everyone. The first interview I landed was with a local stand-up comic named Demetri Martin. I would try to catch his stand-up as often as possible, and soon enough the neighborhood club where he performed became my local haunt. One night after a particularly memorable set, I saw an opportunity to speak with him, and I made my move. He was kind, friendly, and most importantly willing to chat. About a month later I found myself interviewing him over drinks and dinner. It made me feel like I had really made it.

Now almost three years later, Martin is starring in the Ang Lee flick Taking Woodstock, has his own Comedy Central show, Important Things with Demetri Martin, and is without a doubt a household name. Check out this deleted scene featuring Martin, from this summer's faux documentary about love, Paper Heart. I like to think that if I saw him at a bar, I would still have the courage to say hello. He might be a big name now, but he'll always be a gracious Greek geek to me.

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