Thursday, September 3, 2009

Off To Montréal!

I have a horrible secret to admit... I haven't stepped foot on Canadian soil in over a year! The horror! So I'm off to Montréal tomorrow to spend a few days in my hometown, and reconnect with my Canadian compatriots. I have many lovely activities lined up, but the most important of all is diving into Québec's national dish: Poutine. What is poutine you ask? Well it's crispy Belgium style french fries, with cheese curds (or "squeaky cheese" as I like to call it), topped with gravy. It sounds gluttonous because it is, and I promise you it's worth every calorie. To get an idea of all the fun that goes down in Montréal, check out my Citiscape article from TRACE magazine. Until my return, I bid you adieu!

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