Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Video Vault

Before I owned a real stereo, my brother and I shared a Fisher Price tape player/recorder which we used nonstop. We would record fake cooking shows, nature sounds, and eventually entertained ourselves on long car trips by bringing along the recorded audio for ABC 'TGIF' shows like Perfect Strangers, and Family Matters. I'm sure my parents loved that. When I first discovered MuchMusic, I used the same Fisher Price player to record the audio from music videos. Circa 1994 my favorites were Canadian classics like the Tragically Hip, and Moist. But I soon discovered the dark stylings of Portishead, and in particular the video for 'Sour Times'. I was drawn to its darkness and mystery - the image of Beth Gibbons mascara stained, and wailing haunted me.

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