Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Next Big Thing

I first met Aziz Ansari in 2007, when I interviewed him for Heeb magazine's 'Honorary Heeb' feature. At the time he was a regular in the NYC stand up circuit, and after seeing him flaunt his comedy chops at least a half dozen times I was determined to interview him. His career was on an upward trajectory: he was on the cusp of a major MTV show (Human Giant) and with that his fan base grew exponentially.

Let me be the first to tell you, that when Judd Apatow's Funny People comes out this Friday, Aziz Ansari will become a household name. The character he created for Funny People, a crass-dancing-womanizing comic named Raaaaaaaandy (with eight As) is about to steal the show. Literally. Funny People isn't even out yet, and Apatow is already thinking about giving Raaaaaaaandy his own feature film. I guess having your own hype man/DJ really pays off.

Below is a sample of some of Raaaaaaaandy's magic. Also to give you an idea of Ansari's other work I've included my favorite sketch from Human Giant. As Raaaaaaaandy would say, get ready to 'laugh your dick off'!

Check out Raaaaaaaandy's website here. Check out my interview with Aziz Ansari for Heeb magazine here.


  1. Hilarious, I love this guy! Can't wait to see the movie...

  2. haha, I'm going to try to see a screening of Funny People tonight! I hope I get in to see it. to be honest, the trailers I've seen on TV don't seem that funny, but now I'm definitely more interested in going. I don't think I realized Aziz was in it!

  3. So I just saw Funny People last night. Surprisingly, Aziz had two minimal parts in 2 1/2 hours of film. Comic Aubrey Plaza was actually in it more than Aziz. Unfortunately, his character wasn't nearly as funny as he was on Human Giant. Sort of disappointing in that respect, but the movie overall was hilarious...just dragged on a bit toward the end, but came back full circle later on. Still definitely a movie worth seeing!

  4. Phew! Yeah, Aziz needs more time to shine. After your review I still def want to see the film. Thanks!