Monday, July 20, 2009

Tootin' My Own Horn

I've come to realize that in the past few years since I landed in NYC the "silly things" I've invested my time and affection into, have ended up becoming mainstream favorites. Whether its a fashion trend that took off 3 years after I started rocking it, or a television/film breakout star, I've had my fingers on the pulse of what's next. Yes, this makes me sound sort of like an arrogant jerk, but people throw around the word "tastemaker" a lot even when they aren't actually referring to someone that has taste. Enough said.

My point is, two of the articles I wrote in the past year have ended up being some of the first mainstream press pieces to hit for True Blood and The Hangover's Bradley Cooper. I may have been mocked when I pitched the ideas, (luxury magazines didn't think that Vampires were appropriate subject matter - look who's laughing now!) but I'm pretty sure I was onto something. Sigh. Just another Monday morning in unemploymentville.

Read my article on True Blood here. Read my Bradley Cooper article here.

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