Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And so it begins...

This blog has been in the works for a few months now, and thank goodness it's finally seeing the light of day! After finishing my website (Google Analytics and all) I'm ready to start blogging, but some may ask 'What will an unemployed writer blog about?' Great question - I'll be blogging about all the things I get excited about while my friends are at work. Whether that means writing about the Werewolf Boy in Russia, a new item my inner shopoholic craves, or a recipe I can't wait to try out, brace yourself for a look into the inner workings of my mind grapes.

Also in case you're wondering, the blog is called 'Big Hair, Small Hips' for a reason. As a self-proclaimed haircentric, those who know me can attest to my love of volume and height - and just like the legendary Dolly Parton I abide by the golden rule: The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips!

Onward & upward,



  1. Oh my God, I love you.

    That will be all.

  2. ahoy! i'm your newest blog follower!

  3. The bigger the hair... amen, sister! Long live the boof.