Friday, July 10, 2009

Digable Digits

A couple years ago when I was working at TRACE, I sauntered over to the Lower East Side to check out a boutique at the behest of a coworker. They specialized in Japanese nail art, and my coworker joked that once I tried it, it would be my "thing". Oh how he was right. That fateful day I walked into Valley and a nail goddess was born. People either love it or hate it, but I'm pretty much guaranteed a reaction once they lay their eyes on my pretty polished paws. For your viewing pleasure, I've put together a Flickr album of some of my favorite sets. And as always big ups to Mika (NYC's baddest nail art-iste!) and the fabulous Werman sisters.


  1. Hello! I can't find any other way to let you know how nice I thought it was that you found me via my website as we have same name. It's a good name for a writer isn't it? There are others with it too but we aren't that great in number, thank goodness eh?

    Good luck with your writing and thanks again for stopping by my website and leaving a comment.

    Love, Laura Marcus!