Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Revolution

As a recent redhead convert, I've become increasingly more aware of the beautiful redheads that surround me on a daily basis. I've really started to wonder: do I notice more redheads now because I am one? Or are there more of us out there now (both fake and real)? According to some friends of mine, red is the hottest hair color right now, as its popularity has seen a resurgence in the past few years. There have been countless pop culture references to redheads, from the infamous South Park episode, to this year's British photography exhibition showcasing the rare genetic trait.

I've always been entranced and drawn to red hair, and I think I've found the seed of my obsession: The Little Mermaid! How could I have not put it together sooner? I wanted to be Ariel so badly when I was little - I used to recreate scenes from the movie at the local swimming pool, and I didn't care who watched. [Image at left: The fabulous Julianne Moore as Ariel, photographed by Annie Leibovitz].

Next up on my list of influential copperheads is the beautiful Lauren Ambrose. I first saw her in one of my favorite teen party tales, Can't Hardly Wait. Of course that film also starred another awesome redhead, Seth Green, but it was Ambrose who stole the show. When she later starred in Alan Ball's Six Feet Under as Claire Fisher, she became an idol of sorts for me. As Claire she was sarcastic, funny, and sassy - everything I hoped I was. When I saw her in 2009's Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie Loving Leah, in which she plays a Hasidic Jew who falls in love with her brother-in-law after her husband dies, I loved her even more.

Last up is the queen of curvy sirens, the unbelievably sexy Christina Hendricks. With her breakout role in AMC's Mad Men she has made almost every man I know rethink the appeal of an hourglass figure - and thank god for that! As Joan Holloway she embodies the role of a headstrong, intelligent woman in a man's world, with all the strength and sex appeal of a modern day feminist. She's a fake redhead just like me, so I like to think of her as my partner in crime. Masquerading as a redhead really has made me more confident and outgoing, but maybe that's because I look to these ladies for inspiration. And what fiery inspiration they are!

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