Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Victorious Return of The Pin Up

I think it's safe to say that most women don't think of bathing suit shopping as a "good time". It's the shopping equivalent of shooting yourself out of a cannon - it can be hard getting into it, but if the fit is right the resulting spectacle is glorious. There's nothing like a perfect curve-hugging bathing suit, and the classic lines and silhouette of a vintage inspired suit do just that. I'm pleased to say that finding a great retro suit isn't too difficult nowadays with the resurgence and popularity of classic looks (perhaps as a result of the popularity of shows like Mad Men). Companies are finally taking note and realizing that curvacious goddesses still exist, and desire the quality and comfort afforded to beauties like Marilyn and Jayne. Thank goodness.

This summer I've discovered three favorites that make a real statement, and are devoted to style and fit. The first can be found at Brooklyn's Old Hollywood: beautiful pieces made by Italian trained swimsuit designer Elizabeth O'Brien Berg. The store carries her existing pieces, but the designer is always available to make custom suits at the client's request.

The second outstanding suit comes from Malia Mills, who has locations on both the East and West coast. Their motto "Love Thy Differences" says it all. The suits are expertly crafted to fit a wide array of bodies, and they carry every size imaginable. I'm obsessed with the Calendar Girl Bottoms (shown at right) - high waisted and ever so flirty.

The last one is also the most affordable and accessible, because it's from the ones I love to hate: Urban Outfitters. Yes, I have a very complicated relationship with that store and their practices, but they also fit right into my price range and hell they know how to cater to my demographic (read: young, sassy and prone to impulse shopping). Last year they came out with a handful of retro inspired suits, and at around $60 a pop they're quite a steal indeed. Oh, and very cute of course.

So bust out the suntan lotion, slip on your suit, and soak up some rays before it's too late.


  1. as your finger has been on the pulse of what's next, do you see a resurgence of the old timey male onesie in the next few summers? example

    dead serious. i'd wear it everywhere.

  2. I love classic style bathing suits. Nightlife did a spread in their July issue, featured here:


    My most recent suit is the Calvin Klein Solid Pleat-Front One-Piece (find it at Macy's!), which with the pleated bust and high-cut back is pretty classic in my book.

  3. I have the cherry swimsuit from pinupgirlclothing.com. Check it! It's totally fab retro!

  4. Mr. J - You better work it!

    Jess & Becki - You ladies know what's what! Fabulous as always!