Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Matte Is Back

New York Fashion Week is almost over so you know that means the media has worked itself into a tizzy trying to identify the hottest upcoming trends. Fashion definitely plays an important role in my life and identity, but I've always stuck to my instinct as opposed to following trends. Every so often however, an obscure look or item I love finds its way into the mega watt world of Fashion (with a capital F). My latest obsession, matte nail polish, was seen all over the runways this week. From DKNY to Malandrino, matte nails trotted down the runway in style. And there's obviously a reason why. Depending on the color you choose your nails can look like candy buttons, or a pimped out SUV - the looks are really endless! Make up artist Mike Potter's Knock Out Cosmetics is the leader of the pack with this trend, and KO's colors are ever so divine. So stretch out your paws and get ready to (not) shine!


  1. This sounds great because I have recently become obsessed with wearing red matte lipstick--who would've known--and I didn't know matte nailpolish existed!Love Lisa

  2. OMG
    matte nailpolish = terrifying internet perusing! whilst at work, i googled "matte nailpolish", and the first site i clicked on looked promising, until within 2 seconds like 50 viruses exploded onto my screeeeeen...and the work panic page defaulted...and the techie guy had left, and my professional life might be over as i know it.
    i'm scared to go to work tomorrow~
    love me.