Monday, February 15, 2010

The First Lady of Rockabilly

Where would we be without rockabilly? As one of the earliest forms of rock 'n roll to emerge in the 1950s, rockabilly allowed mainstream audiences to get a 'lil taste for the outlaw. Sure there were already manly country outlaws like Cash, but rockabilly was something wholly different that opened up the stage to some saucy ladies. Two parts rock 'n roll and one part hillbilly, rockabilly was all the more memorable (and addictive). Wanda Jackson was just a country girl from Oklahoma, but after performing with Elvis on many occasions, she garnered a lot of attention for her unique vocals and style. She was "the female Elvis," according to the man himself, and that's quite a moniker for a woman in the 50s. Sassy, brash, and glamorous all at once, Jackson's music will whip any respectable lady into a frenzy. Her songs 'Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad' and 'Funnel of Love' make me want to smooth on some red lipstick and get into some good ole trouble. Yeehaw!

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