Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fancy Fingerwork

By now you've probably realized the extent of my nail art obsession, and like many young Japanese women, my nails have become an extension of my self expression. Most people slip on seasonal accessories; my accessories are a little more permanent, but reflect of-the-moment accoutrements from plaid to bows. Unfortunately not everyone has a penchant for nail art, and although the practice is extremely popular in Japan, its still far from the norm. The ladies of Japan's synchronized swimming team are quickly learning that according to some Olympic officials, nail art has a time and a place. Yesterday Reuters reported that members of Japan's synchronized swimming and diving disciplines, will be banned from having "dyed hair, elaborately painted nails or pierced ears." The rules were put into effect after officials declared that the athletes looked more like rock stars than swimmers. I understand why divers should have to follow these rules, since I imagine that dangling chains and built-out acrylic kittens on nails would most likely affect their performance and speed in the water... but what's so wrong with a little finger pizazz to compliment some sweet synchronized moves?

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