Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For The Love of Food

Every city has a culinary history, and a particular dish that is so revered and beloved that merely recognizing a competitor's version is blasphemous. That's the case when it comes to the debate between Montréal bagels, and those found to the south of our borders. The two are completely different animals, but for some reason when the lines are drawn there's no turning back. I for one have always been shamed for my love of both the Canadian and American bagel, but I refuse to pick sides. From texture, to density and flavor, these two famous varieties couldn't be any more different. Montréal bagels are sweeter and chewier, while American bagels have always seemed more bread-like to me, in both consistency and flavor. What can I say - I love them both and ain't nobody goin' to stop me! With that in mind, I was incredibly excited when New York Magazine announced that the recently opened Mile End Deli was literally schlepping Montréal bagels overnight to sell on Saturday morning in Brooklyn. Now that's what I call commitment. I can finally utter the phrase I've been waiting so long to say: "There's nothing like a St-Viateur bagel on a snowy Brooklyn morning..."

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