Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Age of Blossoms

Wong Kar-wai's films are like photographs strung together with music and motion. His film In the Mood for Love is a perfect example of this. Set in Hong Kong in the 60s, the film tells the story of two people who become neighbors by chance, and soon realize that their spouses are cheating on them with each other. There's a quiet sadness to their relationship, and their rather innocent relationship becomes a place of solace and comfort. In the clip below we see the beginning of their relationship forming - the physical proximity of the two characters, coupled with the lethargic pace of the scene build an almost unbearable amount of tension. It's hard to explain just how powerful the performances, cinematography, and music are in this film, so it's best to start with a short clip. Whet your appetite with this, and then watch the film in its entirety as soon as you can.

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  1. I love "IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE" sooo much I'm gonna take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.