Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome To The Dollhouse

This week seems to be full of great finds that only exist in the minds of artists. First there was the Philco PC, and now these Lady Gaga dolls! But this situation is extremely cryptic... All I know is that this incredibly talented 28 year old guy, that goes by the Flickr name veik11, has been replicating some of Gaga's ensembles and his work is amazing. The attention to detail is shocking, at least to someone who knows nothing about hobbyists who take doll dressing very seriously. There's a whole community of people who make outfits for dolls, along with those who make the dolls themselves. Thank goodness some of them are hip enough to realize that Gaga is an ideal muse. Her outlandish outfits may cause an uproar in the real world, but in Barbie's world she's right at home.

Via Jezebel

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  1. I find acceptable the idea of pantsless Lady Gaga dolls acceptable, due to the fact that most of my Barbies were naked as well. Cool idea!