Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Design Within Reach (No, Really!)

Vintage objects tell a story, and it's up to us to listen. Whether it's an old toy, a vase, or a set of vintage postcards, it's hard to imagine how many tales can be spun from just one item. Outside of New York City, it's easy to stumble across pristine vintage finds (I'm talking about you Detroit!), but within the confines of this city these gems are rare and pricey. However, some stores in Manhattan and its boroughs, continue to pride themselves on amassing items that evoke the beauty of the past without a hefty fee. Le Grenier (pictured above) is located on the waterfront in Greenpoint, just a few subway stops away from the city. The owner Maya Marzolf is a former producer of fashion photography who has worked with Steven Meisel and Mark Seliger, so you know her aesthetic is romantic and warm. The store is full of great antiques and housewares, and they also provide prop rentals for photo, film and other special events. Thankfully, they even carry replica Edison bulbs which are surprisingly hard to find in a city that is obsessed with recreating retro looks in both public and private spaces. But if you thought for one minute that Le Grenier was anything but authentic, think again. Marzolf's own home was recently featured on a blog, and although she "consider[ed] it a bit cringe-worthy to be “promoting” [her] own house" she spoke eloquently about the experience:

"I choose to share my own space with you just to illustrate that what I’m doing here at Le Grenier truly is a labor of love. As one of my dear friends phrased it, what better way to illustrate that my style is sincere? What I offer you at Le Grenier is not just something that I’m trying to sell; instead, it’s an aesthetic and lifestyle in which I myself partake."

And what a lovely aesthetic and lifestyle it is. Take a peek at Le Grenier's website, or saunter over to Brooklyn to check it out in person.

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