Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Soon Is Now?

I pretty much died when I found this picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt à la Morrissey. As if playing lovelorn-Smiths-lovin' Tom in this year's 500 Days Of Summer weren't enough, Joe has to go and do this. Sigh. I was incredibly excited to read today's Golden Globe nominations and see that Gordon-Levitt has been nominated in the Best Actor, Comedy category for his role in the film. He's been acting since he was six, so it's about time he gets some time in the bright shiny spotlight - although from what I can tell he doesn't relish in it all that much. I've been digging on Gordon-Levitt since '96, because as a tomboy who was big into comedy, his role as Tommy on 3rd Rock from the Sun struck a chord with me. Yeah, you might think that's weird since he was playing an old alien stuck in the body of a human adolescent - but isn't that how we all feel at that age? Anyway, congratulations to Joe on his nomination, and for old times sake here's one of my favorite clips from 3rd Rock from the Sun:

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