Monday, November 30, 2009

Modern Life Is Rubbish

I've already admitted that I once was a massive anglophile, and Brit Pop was just one of my many obsessions. Amongst the many bands that crammed the airwaves, Blur was my all time favorite. When I was in England at age 16 on a school trip, I convinced my history teacher to excuse me from an itinerized activity so I could go to a local record shop to get their 10 year anniversary box set. At that age I spent the majority of my money on records, and with good reason. To this day Blur remain one of my favorite bands, not just for nostalgia's sake. The men in Blur are all extremely talented musicians, and like many British bands before them they harnessed the ability to make fans go wild. I was really bummed when they broke up, and even more upset when on their brief reunion tour they didn't make a stop in NYC... but all is forgiven! No Distance Left To Run documents their short lived reunion for all to see. It's not the typical band documentary full of pomp and ego, but rather a peek into a group of friends who love to make music together. Now let's just hope it screens in the continental United States.

Via New York Magazine

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