Monday, November 23, 2009

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

This is the stuff you just can't make up. I'm almost two months into my new gig, but I still don't feel right looking at my blogs while on the job (even though I've seen plenty of co-workers chuckling at YouTube vids). Somehow the sucio-ness of my would be lover Michael K over at Dlisted doesn't seem like it would fly in a litigation office. So when I get home from work one of the first things I do is scope out the pop culture garbage that I missed all day. Today I came home to find that Dlisted had posted an entry about a guy a went to summer camp with. His name is Ohad, and I remember him oh-so-well. He sang "I Swear" by All-4-One at the camp talent show, and it blew my mind. His fake tan, huge muscles, highlighted, straight ironed, and extremely gelled hair were all part of the cheesetastic package. And then to top it all off the next year his boy band blew up in Toronto, and I forced like 50 people to watch the videotaped footage of the talent show so they could see just how dedicated Ohad really is. I dare you to watch this without peeing yourself just a little (if you must, watch it on mute to protect your ears). Behold! Ohad's boy band b4-4:

via Dlisted


  1. I remember you telling me all about Ohad- pretty sure I watched that talent show video in your basement!

  2. Oh Laura, this video is wrong on so many levels. Remind me which one Ohad is- they all fit the above description!

  3. Haha! Black tank top!!! I'm so happy your remember that video - I wish I could find it now!

  4. What is the article they posted about Ohad?

  5. Wow, I should have taken your advice and put the laptop on mute.

    That was, um, interesting. It totally reminds me of this guy I went to CEGEP with... same hair, same orange,same eyebrows!

    And let's talk about the brows for a sec... when u have better brows than your lady friends... it's not good. Just putting it out there.

    XO Ange

  6. we ran into him on st laurent, remember? we were like ohhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! and he didnt even turn around. because he thought we were GROUPIES.