Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

1. Dos Gardenias Shorts, $40;, 2. Floral 1460 by Dr. Martens, $128;, 3. Gloria's Garden Rug, $348-498;, 4. William Morris Daisy Print Garden Tools, $32;

Until my senior year of college, I was anything but girly. Yes, I had discovered that I could indeed be sexy, but I hadn't explored the power of my femininity. I didn't feel comfortable in pink, ruffles, or heels, and my color of choice was black. I was never a Goth, although often accused of being one, but rather a Punk Rocker with a heart of gold. When I look back on it now, I realize that although I still love the music, the fashion was more of a protective shield than anything else. Yes, I had fun pretending I was Kathleen Hanna, but eventually I shed that rough exterior in favor of more delicate ensembles. Queue my summer obsession with floral prints in every form - I just can't get enough. Add some color to an otherwise bland room with Gloria's Garden Rug, or garden with colorful accessories to brighten your mood. When it comes to the clothing, I feel like I just discovered Angela Chase all over again. I just can't help but love her, and her crazy 90s Grunge style. After all, wasn't Grunge just Punk Rock's depressed, younger cousin?


  1. Those are some SEXY shorts Laura!

    And good call on the relationship between grunge and punk rock :)

  2. Love the shorts! I've been looking for the perfect flower pattern dress forever.