Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Fun In the Summertime

New Yorkers have been seeking refuge from the stifling summer heat for decades, and for those who can afford it, the Hamptons continues to be an ideal destination. Before I moved to New York City, I had heard that elite phrase on occasion, like a mysterious whisper. I pieced together a few facts: the Hamptons was a high society playground in the summer, and a solitary nest during the wind swept winter months. I conjured up images of Big & Little Edie, along with Upper East Siders with palatial properties. The plot thickened when I watched Woody Allen's 1978 film Interiors, and saw the Hamptons captured on film, with its sandy dunes and fragile wooden fences. When I finally made my way to the Hamptons for the first time last year, I was less than impressed by the towns themselves - why would New Yorkers come all this way for Saks and Citarella? I judged, and I judged hard. The quaint paradise that Allen had captured in the late 70s was overun with the pretentious descent of designer labels and wealth. Had the relaxed escapism of its past been lost forever?

This weekend I was lucky enough to get a second chance. What I realized as I dipped my toes in the ocean, is that any place as beautiful as the Hamptons can be redeemed by the company of good people. When you breathe in the fresh air and feel the breeze swirl around you, any preconceived notions you may have had fall to the wayside. The Hamptons may be about social standing and power to some, but to me it was the summer escape I craved - sand, sun and a whole lot of laughter.

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  1. nice piece! you can have a good time wherever you are if you got good company.