Friday, August 28, 2009

Design Within Reach (No, Really!)

Today I unveil another weekly feature to join the ranks with the Fashion Feature, For The Love of Food, and The Video Vault... tada! Design Within Reach (No, Really!) will explore the world of interior design, but in a way that is affordable, accessible and most importantly fun! I grew up in a meticulously designed home, where everything had its place, and most rooms had definite themes, so interior design has always been of interest to me. When I moved into my very own apartment, I was finally able to experiment with design on a larger scale and I realized, "Hey! I'm pretty good at this!" Creating a space that is functional, comfortable, and stylish is a daunting task, but I hope that when armed with a few tricks and tips you'll be inspired to make the most out of your space. After all, your home is your safe haven, a place where the outside world should just melt away.

The amazing photographs above are courtesy of Nate Berkus Associates, and I have to to tell right now that I am obsessed with everything Berkus. The man is a design genius, and I'm not just saying this because Oprah told me to. His aesthetic meshes almost seamlessly into mine, and he often describes himself as 'obsessed' with elements, whether they're decorative accents or storage solutions - a man after my own heart! So when I found myself up last night at 1am watching him talk about his new line for the Home Shopping Network, I knew that I had to spread the Berkus love. Everything included in his HSN line, from furniture, to sheets, towels and wall decor was designed by the man himself, and features natural materials and the high quality you expect. The prices are extremely reasonable (with 420 thread count sheet sets going for under $50,) and the aesthetic is clean, modern and luxurious. But don't take my word for it, check out the collection for yourself - your apartment will thank me later.

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