Monday, August 31, 2009

City With A View

Graffiti has long been a fixture of New York City's street art scene, but in the past few years it has taken on a whole new face. With a growing interest in wheatpasting and stenciling, many bombers are leaving the spray cans behind in favor of more complex media. Walking the streets of the Lower East Side and Chinatown, I often come across work by my favorite street artist Judith Supine. Upon first learning the name associated with these vibrant pieces, I thought to myself, "Yes! Another woman making her mark!" but alas I was wrong, as this pseudonym actually refers to a man. No harm done - his work is so amazing that I'll just have to let that slide. The image above captures his latest piece flying high atop the Williamsburg Bridge. Supine, like many other street artists, must remain anonymous but thankfully the Village Voice has been keeping tabs on his work (view his Manhattan Bridge piece from 2007). Ever wonder how he does it? Check out this video to find out:

Via Wooster Collective

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