Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pressed For Success

This summer I've somehow found myself consistently surrounded by flowers. Whether I'm roaming the streets in a floral print dress, ruminating about my fire escape garden (more on that later), or buying a bouquet at the corner deli - I just can't escape them! And I'm not complaining. For the past few years, my mother has told me that I should always have a bouquet of fresh flowers in my apartment, but it's just so sad when they shrivel up and wilt. I admit, there's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up a space, and any woman who says she doesn't like getting flowers is lying. So what better way to keep 'em fresh than to seal them in CalGel on your very own nails? That's right, those are real dried flowers you see above courtesy of Mika at Valley... now if only I could figure out how to get those darn squirrels out of my flower box.

Nail photograph by Christophe Tedjasukmana.

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