Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sugar & Spice

During my early teen years I decided that being girly wasn't for me. With that decision in mind, I started playing with edgier fashion, and I pretended that I wasn't still sleeping in a pink canopy bed surrounded by pink rose wallpaper. Suffice to say when I was a youngster I was mighty girly. I loved my pink bedroom with matching pink accessories, and I couldn't be separated from my pink Betty Boop sweatshirt that was fully equipped with a battery pack to power perfectly placed tiny red bulbs amidst her slinky dress. But more than all of those things I loved my Barbies - and boy did I have plenty. I had a plastic milk crate full of them, and I spent many of my summers making them tiny custom outfits with extra scraps of fabric my mom would give me. So of course upon reading today's New York Times article about the release of Mad Men-styled barbies, the little girl inside of me automatically thought: I want! Ok, maybe not just the little girl inside of me. You have to admit that these dolls are really amazing! With the approval of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and costume designer Janie Bryant, the dolls will hit shelves in July, an arrival that's perfectly timed with the beginning of season four. I'm hoping come July I can get my hands on Joanie, and she can take her rightful place in my apartment - I think she'll feel right at home.

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