Friday, March 5, 2010

Arsenic And New Lace

1. Lace and Zip Detail Mini Dress by Opening Ceremony, $340;, 2. Lace Back Tee by LNA, $93;, 3. Tall Lace Stripe Top, $55;, 4. Cheap and Chic Shoe by Moschino, $554;

Lace is often thought of as an antiquated fabric that speaks more to each end of the spectrum (read: geriatrics or toddlers in princess attire), than to fashionable young things. But that's all changing with a new spin on lace, and the many possibilities it offers. It's feminine, it's sexy, and it's somewhat unexpected. Garments can be played up with just a hint of lace, or whole swaths of fabric can be swapped out to bare shoulders, backs, and midriffs. I think it's a great staple for spring and summer, and will be especially useful when the New York City humidity really hits. With lace you can taunt and tease without revealing too much. So get ready to show off a little skin ladies!

Editor's note: I do realize that it's both ironic and depressing that Moschino decided to name the little lace number above their "Cheap and Chic Shoe," and yet it's still over $500. Argh.

1 comment:

  1. I love a little lace. It can look kind of cheap sometimes but if used right...completely sultry....