Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Romance

There are an endless amount of films that explore the relationships between men and women, but until the late 1960s it was rare to encounter a couple like Bonnie and Clyde. Young and rebellious, they acted out of desperation and recklessness. After all, it was the Great Depression and there were only so many ways to make a buck. They were both in their early 20s when they were killed in the infamous rural ambush, brutally memorialized in Arthur Penn's 1967 classic Bonnie & Clyde. Although many theories and controversies still surround their lives and their demise, they will forever hold their place in the annals of Americana. They were, after all, love addled outlaws - romanticized, demonized and forever scrutinized.
The real Bonnie & Clyde in March 1933.

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