Monday, January 11, 2010

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Growing up, I was never a complete dork, but I was also never one of the "cool kids" because I cared too much about school work and pleasing my parents. I dubbed myself "a floater" somewhere between 6th and 8th grade, and even through college and into my adult life the label has stuck. I pride myself on being friends with all sorts of people, and I love surrounding myself with interesting people from all walks of life whether they're complete extroverts or painful introverts. But during those awkward adolescent years, I think we're all lucky if we find something to grab hold of. Whether it's sports, music, or good friends having a social outlet to preoccupy the mind is incredibly important when it's constantly gravitating towards insecure thoughts. Case in point, the amazing kids who made this ode to Gaga with their own version of "Bad Romance". You can tell they are having the time of their lives, and it just doesn't matter what anybody thinks. In the words of Gaga herself: "Holy shit!"

Via Jezebel

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  1. remember our project on the dromadaire? do you remember my amazing hat? the one with the squeaky nose that someone STOLE from my locker?
    our dijonaise commercial?
    the way your voice gloriously warbled in one auspicious moment, and we replaced it a million times, gasping at our collective genius?
    teenage skits - the best.