Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Design Within Reach (No, Really!)

No one really likes spring cleaning, but sometimes a newly discovered item can jump start the process. This may not be the most affordable way to organize the many things that clutter your desk, but it sure does look pretty. I like the idea of organizing smaller tools and everyday items without having to hide them away in a drawer. Everything has it's special place in the Uten.Silo, and the requisite 'junk drawer' ceases to exist. Designed in the late 1960s as plastic became increasingly popular, the Uten.Silo was both playful and utilitarian - a household item that emanates both style and a sense of humor. Thankfully it's been reissued by the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, and although it'll cost you a pretty penny it's definitely an item that lasts a lifetime.

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