Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Video Vault

There once was a time when mainstream music was chock full of 'boys being boys.' Even the bands that teen dreams were made of were messy, dark, and moody. In 2010 we're faced with squeaky clean Biebers, and fauxhemian Cyruses. So what changed? Sure rock music is no longer the rage for the younger set, but it can't just be that... can it? I long for the days when kids listened to music that begged for introspection, and not just a hip shake. Silverchair were only 15 years old when they recorded their first record, Frogstomp, and yet the album touches on the same themes and emotions explored by musicians that could have babysat them. Surely you see the crisis brewing. Is it possible that teens these days are doomed to a life sans rock?

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